I came across a video on Business Insider that more than justified why a Rolls Royce car is priced so high! No, seriously, for example, they offer a palette of 44,000 colors as options, sounds crazy right?

It’s intriguing how consumers don’t just buy the Rolls Royce car swathed in premium quality pigments, but the entire experience that comes with it. Forbes terms it the ‘experiential luxury’, and rightly so.

When you purchase a brand so renowned and historic, the fact that you can stay connected to the brand even through other means is just mind-blowing! Not sure what I’m referring to? 

Read on to understand how Rolls Royce’s strategy allows the brand to position itself by not just offering premium products, but also a premium experience!

The British luxury automobile maker was created as a wholly-owned subsidiary of BMW in 1998 after BMW licensed the rights to the Rolls-Royce brand name and logo from Rolls-Royce Holdings plc, and acquired the rights to the Spirit of Ecstasy. 

A Work of Pure Art, Grandeur, and Creativity

With the depth of engineering and craftsmanship they offer, there’s a story to each detail in their products. Be it the color, its shade, what it means for the customers, what it represents, the finish, champagne glasses in the car, the texture of headlights, starlit roof, and what not! 

Once we start creating a Bespoke Rolls-Royce (one of their model), it’s almost beyond the idea of a car

says Bryden, from the Bespoke Design Team.

A creation whose life begins in the Design Studio, and works its way through the leather shop, the paint shop, and the woodshop. Every pair of hands it passes through ensures that the core creative concept is accurately reflected in the final product. 

A coach liner from the Rolls Royce factory says, ‘There’s going to be at least seven layers of coat on our products. You could have up to 23 layers too!’ They’re open to creating bespoke colors (made for a particular customer or user) – inspired from the color of their lipstick to just any shade the customer envisions! Apparently, a particularly wealthy customer had once requested them to add 1000 diamonds, and infuse them in the color paint! 

Watch this short video that explains the intricacies with which they design their products! 

There is a greater desire among our customers to create a legacy or signature on an item

says Julian Jenkins, regional director for Rolls-Royce for Europe and Central Asia

A single automobile can take up to six months! Why does it take so long? Nearly every task is completed by hand. But beyond that, customizing a Rolls-Royce means more than choosing from a library of door trim woods and seat leathers. As a Rolls-Royce customer, you’re welcome to contribute your own unique design ideas for your car.

The British automaker’s factory slows down the car-building process so that each element may be crafted to perfection. They say, as soon as you step into the factory, you can feel the difference in the calm, productive flow of work, with small teams focusing on one aspect each— like seat upholstery, interior siding, or dashboards. Technically being an assembly line, in practice, it is much more like a team of artisans combining their skills to create something remarkable.

Not all finished cars are flown immediately to their customers. Some of the customers fly to their cars, as they’d like it to be revealed to them in their own private Geneva moment on a stage back in the customer suite! Lights dimmed, the music rising and the curtains drawing back – tadaa!

The car’s headlights are visible at first through the gloom, and then the floodlights around it light up, and their bold statement is revealed, with the Spirit of Ecstasy as the jewel in the crown 🙂

Keeping customer needs at the heart of their functioning, the luxurious car maker not just provides customized products and upgrades, but also furthers its brand loyalty by encouraging customer involvement with the process and the company. How’s that? Whispers, they call it! A curated digital world of luxury, set to excite the minds of Rolls Royce owners in the social network and elevate their shopping experiences!

Experience the new Rolls Royce Ghost here, and the pompous Dubai Drive 🙂

Whispers: An Appetite For Experiential Luxury

A service that goes beyond car sales! Subscribers of this digital concept get access to premium content. They can take part in unique travel experiences, discover little-known hotels and dine at exquisite restaurants. They get to attend global events, theater openings, and movie premieres.

With a chance to meet thought leaders, connect with fellow businessmen, industrialists and entrepreneurs, Rolls Royce has created a one-of-a-kind network for their car owners. 

‘This is the face of modern luxury: crafting moments and memories that are rare and tailored, experiential and serendipitous’ 

Verena Masters, the Head of Whispers, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in November 2020: “Today, we go even further, bringing a comprehensive suite of online live video options for Whispers members to specify their motor cars, speak with Rolls-Royce product specialists, executives, and craftspeople, or even witness a unique moment in the manufacture of their motor car, from the comfort of their own homes.”

This seems like a bold move for the company, a step closer to what is called ‘experiential luxury’! Rolls Royce has managed to establish a strong brand presence by offering this premium application, where like-minded people meet with a glass of wine, for leisure or business purposes.

Isn’t it exciting how the Motor Car company has dedicated units for Luxury Intelligence?

And rightly so, they have understood the customers’ involvement and enthusiasm to meet the stalwarts themselves! – the designers and engineers of these magnificent cars.

Their relationships with clients go far beyond purchasing a car, and they’ve nailed every aspect of exhibiting brand loyalty! Rolls Royce has built its entire experiential strategy around the premium needs of its special customers.

Therefore, for our customers to buy a car online is second nature. They trust us.

Jenkins to Forbes.

What better than customer trust can a brand achieve? The makers of luxury are definitely here to stay, with innovation and customer-centricity at their focus! 


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