About Us

“Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it a form”.

We have grown up listening to stories, and we believe stories are a great way to process and remember information.

We forget names, faces and even what we have learnt in college. But a good story which was told to us even as a child? Never.

While learning new things all the time can be daunting, what if we tell you the most complex strategies across the globe in a simple story-telling format that you can read in just 3 minutes?

We pinky promise to bring you the best stories out there from the world of Business, Finance, Digital Marketing, Product Management, Brand Marketing & Luxury with our analysis and personal anecdotes so that you get the maximum out of your 3 minutes.

Who are we? A bunch of professionals across the globe and from variety of industries who believe there isn’t a more reliable way to form a connection between people and knowledge than story-telling.

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Team “The Strategy Story”

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