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#Haldirams invented the #bhujia we know today. It’s a story of conviction that turned a small shop into a billion-dollar entity. At one time the revenue of Haldiram’s was more than that of Mcdonald’s and Dominos combined in India.

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Haldiram’s Story

Haldiram’s, with head office in Nagpur, was founded in 1937 by Shri Ganga Bhishen Agarwal, fondly known as Haldiram in his household; as a retail sweet and namkeen shop in Bikaner, Rajasthan.

Haldiram’s in 1970 opened the first full-production unit  in Nagpur to introduce a delectable variety of savories, sweets, and beverages to the market


Haldiram’s Re-Invented the Bhujia

The fine grained bhujia as we know today was not all at the same. It was thick and bland and made of besan

Ganga Bishen aka Haldiram made it out of moth ki dal rather than besan. People just loved it.

Haldiram’s Right Pricing Strategy

Ganga Bishen did not want to make bhujia a commodity and wanted it be to exclusive

He sold for 5 paise a kilo as opposed to the earlier rate of 2 paise a kilo. Later price went up to 25 paise a kilo, making Haldiram a fortune

Some Numbers

  • Haldiram’s was started with just Rs.100
  • Revenue: Rs. 7130 crore (2019)
  • Profit Margin: 9% (2019)
  • 80% of sales are from restaurant chains and packaged snacks
  • Market Share: 20% (it is Market leader)

A book on Haldiram’s Story

There is a book also «Bhujia Barons» to tell the riveting story of the Agarwal family in its entirety—a feat never managed before.

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Fun Fact about Haldiram’s

  • In 2014, Haldiram’s was ranked 55th among India’s most trusted brands according to the Brand Trust Report
  • Haldiram’s brought French bakery Brioche Doree (world’s 2nd largest bakery) to India, opens the first store in Delhi
  • Haldiram’s revenue is 5 times that of McDonald’s in India (Digest that)

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