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Thought marketing was expensive?
Find out how new-age marketers are leveraging an inexpensive marketing strategy called “guerrilla marketing” to get their message across.

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Origin of guerrilla marketing

The term “guerrilla marketing” can be traced to guerrilla warfare, an unconventional warfare techniques related to the small strategic tactics used by armed civilians. Many of these tactics included ambushes, sabotage, raids and elements of surprise.

Why Guerrilla Marketing Makes so much sense now?

  • 2020 has made us more aware of our environment.
  • Life has slowed down. Almost decelerated.
  • Marketing budgets are lower than ever.

This is exactly why, now is the perfect time to let the guerrilla out. As for guerrilla Marketing, it is simple to appreciate, easy to execute and inexpensive.

Targets Emotions

Coca-Cola’s “SMALL WORLD CAMPAIGN” involved bringing the consumer closer to a brand and creating an emotional connection between the two.

Low Cost

A crafty guerrilla marketing campaign for horror movie It  was met with both delight and horror on social media, with users saying it was “awesomely creepy”.

A number of red balloons appeared attached to drainage grates in many places, accompanied by a stencilled chalk note saying, “It is closer than you think”.

Director at Good Things Marketing Helen Ahrens tells SmartCompany she thinks the campaign is “brilliant”, especially due to the ostensibly low cost of “a few balloons, some string, and some stencils”.

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Reaches Target Audience

McDonald created a “chips crossing” which is one of the most memorable street art campaigns for the brand.

Just imagine taking a walk around with your children. When they spot it, they’d immediately want a happy meal and some tasty French fries.

Mission accomplished!


IKEA’s “Need space” campaign – A simple, aesthetically-pleasing art direction that perfectly dramatizes a reason to buy shoe cabinets. 

The ads were pretty cute and used a variety of shoe types to attract a variety of buyers.

Brand Image

WWF: In a popular square in Milan, WWF put  a (fake)  black rhino without its horn and with a white cloth on it. The animal looks to have suffered a brutal killing, you can tell from the blood spots. All around a tape to demarcate the area, WWF investigates to shed light on the crime. 

This campaign aimed to raise awareness about crimes against nature.

Viral Marketing

3M created one of the most Viral marketing campaign using 3 million CAD. The money was placed inside the advertising casing at a bus stop in Vancouver, Canada. The poster case was covered at the edges with a 3M product called Scotchshield, a see-through film that, when applied, makes glass stronger.

Members of the public were challenged to break the glass, and if they did, they would walk away with the money.

That’s my friends was Guerrilla Marketing for you. Its time to send in the guerrillas.

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