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From “Namak ho Tata ka” to “Desh ka Namak”. The company “Tata Salt” does have an emotional connect especially in the Indian context where a line “Maine aapka namak khaya hai” means a lot.

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History of Tata Salt Company

Launched in 1983 by Tata Chemicals as India’s first iodized salt brand

Indian market where unbranded salt was the norm, Tata Salt though higher priced, provided a high-quality salt that improved the taste of food significantly.

Tata Salt used vacuum-evaporated salt that was untouched by hands, making it more hygienic

Startling Statistics about Tata Salt Company

As of June 2019, more than 90,000 metric tonnes of Tata Salt is sold through over 19 lakh retail outlets reaching 161 million households across the country each month.

Tata Salt was the 2nd Most Trusted Brand of India in 2015.

India is the third-largest producer of salt with Tata Salt being the largest having a domestic market share of 17.3%


Namak ho Tata ka, Tata Namak (1980s)

This jingle instantly built an emotional connect with customer

“Namak” word has a strong connotation in India because of jargon: Aapka Namak Khaya hai


Desh ka Namak (2012)

The taglines have been successful in resonating with country’s feeling

“Desh ka Namak” advertisements focused on Sincerity and honesty that every mother tries to build their child’s character on. Ads ended with


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Tata Salt now serves variety of needs with variety of products

  • Tata Salt- Regular iodized salt used by most of the Indians.

  • Tata Salt Plus- Salt made to reduce iron deficiency that leads to anaemia (Very common in India)

  • Tata Salt Lite- A low-sodium salt specially formulated to provide 15% lower sodium than regular salt.

The Tata Salt Company is going digital

Tata Salt is reaching the new-age audience through digital campaigns such as #MissingI for World Iodine Deficiency Day.

When Madison Media took I out of headl nes for Tata Salt

Our share of digital spending has been increasing over the years because as a medium it helps us innovate and create contextual communication. We created around 75 hyper-targeted ads for YouTube, which speak to the viewers basis the context of their current search

Richa Arora, COO – consumer products business, Tata Chemicals

Fun Facts

Tata Salt is indirectly responsible for saving 4 billion intelligence quotient points in the country, through the salt iodization programme.

Tata Salt has moved from Tata Chemicals(TCL) to Tata Consumer Products Limited through de-merger of the Consumer Products Business of TCL into TGBL

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