Guidelines to write on The Strategy Story


  1. Articles should have one Strategy and one story only. 
  2. So whenever you start, ask yourself what is that one message you would like people to know from that article 
  3. The article topic should be exciting to the audience.
  4. Always structure your article in 5-6 sub-sections. So when you share a words file mark those subheadings in bold
  5. One section of the article should lead to another and should not be more than 250 words.
  6. The article should be 1500-1700 words. Not more not less.
  7. At least one video or a couple of images to make the article more appealing. (don’t forget to mention the source just below the image)
  8. Since no fact can be claimed by us, always hyperlink your link your data or claim with the source
  9. Try not to repeat information
  10. One sentence should not be more than 19 words
  11. The article will be checked for plagiarism. You can use a free tool here to check.

Structure of the article

  1. Always start with your personal Story that why are you even writing about this
  2. Choose a brand story (introduction, their challenges, or any pivot they have made) to communicate what strategy you will be talking about
  3. In one or two sentences explain what Strategy you are referring to
  4. Explain that Strategy. Like in generic words. Find any youtube video which can be related
  5. Then link that Strategy with the story of the brand.
  6. End the article with the conclusion that should have your analysis. The conclusion should talk about both that Strategy and brand in the story 

Click here to download a sample article format

Strategy To Make your article SEO friendly

  1. When you choose a topic, think of what people are searching for. Use Google Keyword Planner to check what is the volume of your keyword and how competitive it is. If nobody is searching and that has high competition maybe you would like to change your topic.
  2. Once you have finalized ur keyword. Use that in the article title heading and in at least 50% of subheadings.
  3. Use that exact keyword at least 8-10 times in the article. By exact, we mean those keywords in the same sentence. They don’t necessarily have to be in the same order.
    For example- The keyword is Starbucks value pricing, You can write value pricing strategies of starbucks or value based pricing strategy of starbucks.

Writing an original article is important. But writing in a strategic way is more important.

Happy Writing!!