Innovative Components Private Limited (ICPL) is a leading manufacturer of Automotive, Electrical, Engineering, and Medical components. ICPL is headquartered in India. The company was incorporated in 2004 by two brothers – Naresh Bansal & Rajeev Bansal.

Today with a legacy of 2 decades as a component manufacturing company, the group caters to the needs of the significant tractor, construction vehicle, and medical equipment manufacturers in India. ICPL Group sells its products under the following brands:

1.       Autotech: Automotive, Electrical, Engineering, and Medical components

2.       365 Days: Exclusively Engineered Kitchenware products

ICPL continues to foray into this new era of automotive components with a TUV Rheinland ISO-certified working standard and advanced manufacturing technology.

ICPL follows a hand-in-hand approach with their customers at each stage of the product development process, including research and development support, ideation and design, manufacturing, and quality control. Our quality and approach allow us to be a leader in the industry.

Innovation by Autotech:

The company takes pride in manufacturing products such as automotive lighting equipment, blow molded components, electrical components, medical components, and other mechanical components.

The company claims that all molds & products are manufactured in-house with precision and quality that is internationally accepted and are delivered to its customers with the highest quality.

Some of their products include:

  1. Tail Lamps
  2. Work Lamps
  3. Radiator Fans
  4. Safety Glasses
  5. Ventilator Components
  6. Paint Dispenser Gears
  7. Workshop Lift Pads
  8. Reflex Reflectors
  9. Engine Components
  10. AI Components

Why do OEMs choose Autotech

ICPL continues to reinvest in the latest equipment and software.  As a result, their clients receive the lowest cost per part, the highest quality, and on-time delivery. 

Their talented and experienced tool makers and machinists provide a variety of services. These services include product design, mold development, and manufactured assemblies.

The company is investing capital in machinery and infrastructure to foray into new-age ICE & EV components: LED lamps, battery cell holders, battery pack boxes, battery covers, etc. This will help the company serve its OEM clients with new technologies and products.

For example, ICPL was approached by a leading Medical OEM to manufacture a ventilator body. The OEM wasn’t ready to undertake the high mold cost. This was when the ICPL R&D team came up with the idea of manufacturing this mold in Fiber Sheet and delivered cost savings of ~80%.

Innovative Components plans to expand its product offerings further by setting up a metalizing plant to manufacture automotive headlights. The company also aims to set up its sales offices in other cities. 

We have a clear-cut roadmap defined for our timelines. Preliminarily, we want to capture our potential market by delivering high-quality products to our clients


What Entrepreneurs can learn from this story:

  • The early 20s are the best time to explore your potential – you can work extra hours without family responsibilities. There are exceptions to this.
  • Learning comes best when you work on the ground. When we started our 1st company, we used to sit with the lowest ranked officers at various companies to understand what had been happening inside the company.
  • It is okay to fail multiple times – this sounds cliché, but some of our best business deals were built on our failures.
  • Being down-to-earth and approachable will help you climb the corporate ladder quicker.

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